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woven label

Various Types of Woven Labels

Woven labels are small tags that can be sewn or stuck onto your products, and are used to increase the brand awareness of your products. They are typically produced using the weaving method and are used to highlight the quality and brand identity of your products.

Woven labels are a type of label that reflects the size and brand values of clothing. This type of label also determines the way in which you present your product on the market. It takes on various names depending on the weaving activity; it is known as satin, ribbon satin and taffeta (woven polyester). Woven labels are essential for any company that trusts in the quality of its product and values brand prestige. Woven labels are durable and, unlike many other accessories, continue to be with the product and promote the brand as the product lives. In this sense, woven labels are more durable than fabric printed labels, which are an alternative.

Woven labels  are a type of fabric tag that is used in the clothing and textile industry to provide information about a garment or product. These labels are made by weaving together threads of different colors and materials to create a design or text. They are typically attached to clothing or other textiles by sewing or heat pressing. Woven labels can be used to identify the brand, size, care instructions, or country of origin of a garment, and they can also be used for decorative purposes. Woven labels are often preferred over printed labels because they are more durable and have a higher quality appearance. They are also more resistant to fading and wear and tear, making them a popular choice for high-end clothing and accessories.


woven label

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